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1. The name used by a business, even if that is not its legal name. For example, the trade name for Investment Corporation may be InvestCorp. The trade name sometimes has no relation to the company's actual name. 2. See: Brand Name.

Its the easiest and most cost effective way to do business under a new business name without having to create an ‘Sold under the trade name Dursban, the chemical is the most widely used household pesticide in the United States.’ ‘The chemical, also known by the trade name Rithialate, is used in vaccine manufacturing as a preservative.’ ‘Currently present in more than 50 percent of all vaccines, it is known by the trade name … Synonyms for trade name include brand, brand name, label, name, product name, logo, logotype, registered trademark, service mark and technical name. Find more similar words at! Trade Name. Names or designations used by companies to identify themselves and distinguish their businesses from others in the same field.

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There may be business or brand names in use in your market that have not been registered - for example,  reserve your business name; register your domain name; get started with your trade mark; create social media usernames. ONECheck. It's time to use our  14 Dec 2020 A secondary business name (särskilt företagsnamn) is a trading name, under which you can trade or promote part of your registered business  Your operating name is the name you use in your day-to-day activities and to advertise your business. You only need to provide your operating name if it is  6 Dec 2019 Your Brand Name Is Like A Physical Plot of Land. Intellectual property rights such as trademarks give you property rights similar to the ownership  Does it translate well and how does its meaning change?

Naming a baby is a tough job, especially with so many names that mean so many different things. Check out this guide to finding the meaning of Christian names or any names right online.

An intangible asset reported on the balance sheet at the company's cost (or lower). Often, successful trade names were developed by companies over many years. As a result the cost of the trade name is minimal, but the trade names are often the most valuable assets of … trade name meaning, definition, what is trade name: a name given to a particular product, th: Learn more.

Trade name meaning

1 Jul 2019 On the other hand, your trading name is the name that your business uses on a day-to-day basis. Your trading name needs to meet the same 

A name under which a product or service is marketed or under which a business operates. (noun) trade name: A commercial name granted by a naming authority for use in marketing a drug/device product in a particular jurisdiction. 2019-08-15 Definition of trade name in the dictionary. Meaning of trade name.

A1. A trade name is an assumed name used to identify the business or activities of an individual or organization. Meaning and definitions of trade name, translation in Telugu language for trade name with similar and opposite words.
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What does trade name mean?

An easy and efficient way to access the European Trade Mark and Design Network. Common User Satisfaction Survey.
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Company name availability checker; trade mark database; If you follow the company names guidance and observe the restrictions, a company name can be anything you choose - as long as it’s not the same as or too similar to another name on the register. Trading names. You can also trade using a different name to your registered name.

(brand name, proprietary name) nombre comercial loc nom m locución nominal masculina: Unidad léxica estable formada de dos o más palabras que funciona como sustantivo masculino ("ojo de buey", "agua mala"). Prescription drugs have both trade names and generic names.

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English to Swedish Dictionary - Meaning of Trade mark in Swedish is : varumärke saying / "SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT" / name badges / A policeman's badge 

trade name synonyms, trade name pronunciation, trade name translation, English dictionary definition of trade name. or trade·name n. 1. A name under which a product or service is marketed or under which a business operates. 2. A trademark. What does trade-name mean?