The new painting, in a perfect condition. Oil painting on canvas, stretched on the painting loom. Signed by the author. Preserved with a varnish. The sides of the 


Jan 3, 2020 Perseus and Medusa | Perseus and Andromeda | Greek Mythology Stories | Animated CartoonsPERSEUS AND MEDUSAPerseus, in Greek 

Perseus was a hero who is said to have founded Mycenae and who eventually bested the monster, Medusa. During Perseus’ travels and adventures, he also crossed paths with Andromeda and saved her life. This is their story: Queen Cassiopeia Declares Her Daughter’s Beauty Perseus och Andromeda Kung Akrisios av Argos hade en väldigt vacker dotter som hette Danae. När han besökte oraklet i Delfi fick han höra en spådom som sa att han en dag skulle bli dödad av sitt eget barnbarn.

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Perseus is hastening to the rescue of Andromeda, who is in peril from a terrible sea-monster. Perseus is carrying the head of the slain Medusa, with hair of snakes, whose gaze even after death would turn the beholder to stone. In Greek mythology, Perseus is the legendary founder of Mycenae. Perseus hovered in front of the frightened girl as she explained that her mother, Queen Cassiopeia, had bragged that Andromeda was more beautiful than the daughters of Nereus, the god of the sea. Offended by this silly mortal’s claims, Nereus sent a sea serpent to ravage the shores and devour any Ethiopian who dared get too close. File:Mignard-Andromeda and Perseus.jpg.


Germany, 1778. The Hermitage possesses a collection of works by Mengs, which ranks with the best collections in the world  Perseus and Andromeda in Landscape, wall painting from a bedroom, fresco, 1.6 ×1.2 m, last decade of the 1st century BC (New York, Metropolitan Museum of  Pierre Mignard.

Perseus and andromeda

Andromeda var i grekisk mytologi Kefeus och Kassiopeias dotter.[1] Andromeda och Perseus gifte sig och fick sex söner: Perses, Alkaios, Helieos, Mestor, 

Andromeda’s white body is contrasted with symbols of death on the ground and depicted as pure innocence. In Greek mythology, Andromeda was the daughter of the Ethiopian King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia. The hero Perseus, son of Jupiter and Danaë, sees Andromeda while flying over Aethiopia and falls in love with her.

The fact that she is being rescued by Perseus, the hero of Greek mythology, from a horrible death in the fangs of a dragon is less important than her sublime and innoce Perseus liberates Andromeda from her chains. The Ethiopian princess is clotehd in a saffron robe. The hero wears a red cloak and winged sandals and bears a sword and the head of the Gorgon Medusa in one hand. The slain Cetus (Sea-Mosnter) lies in background on the left.
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As soon as the servants left, Perseus rescued Andromeda, using his magic sickle to cut the chains. Just then, the giant sea serpent reared its ugly head and reached for Andromeda. Andromeda screamed. Perseus, who was still holding his magic sickle, chopped off the serpent's head. The Cetus was a sea monster in the water below that was imminent to eat Andromeda.

Told that the only way to save their country is to sacrifice their daughter to the creature, Andromeda's parents chain her to a rock by the sea. The hero Perseus   Perseus and Andromeda Tiepolo's first commission away from Venice was in 1730-31, for the frescoes on five ceilings for Palazzo Archinto in Milan. This sketch  Jan 6, 2020 Perseus and Andromeda Love Story | Ancient Greek Mythological Stories | Perseus & Andromeda He is best known as the slayer of the Gorgon  Jan 3, 2020 Perseus and Medusa | Perseus and Andromeda | Greek Mythology Stories | Animated CartoonsPERSEUS AND MEDUSAPerseus, in Greek  An oracle had told Andromeda's father, King Cephus, to sacrifice his Andromeda to the serpent to appease Poseidon.
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Perseus och Andromeda, c.1610 (olja på kanfas) Guldpläterat Halsband. 371 kr. Purpurfärgad Ukulele Silverpläterat Halsband

ARTICLES. Perseus, Medusa, Ethiopian Cetus Buy perseus and andromeda framed prints from our community of independent artists and iconic brands. Each museum-quality perseus and andromeda framed print may be customized with hundreds of different frame and mat options.

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Sedan  Nyckelord/TitelPerseus befriar Andromeda; KortbeskrivningTakmålning med mytologiskt motiv, Perseus befriar Andromeda.